Potty Humor

As the newest Partner Development Team member at CITYNET, I’ve been busy getting to know our members and partner organizations. Our membership includes over 50 non-governmental organizations throughout Asia, all of which are doing good work to create sustainable, resilient, people-friendly cities. But, of all of these organizations there is one that makes me laugh out loud. Luckily, Jack Sim of the World Toilet Organization appreciates the laughter and is using his own “potty humor” to bring attention to issues of sanitation and the need for toilets in the developing world. In fact, Jack Sim (better known as Mr. Toilet) explains that 90% of surface water in India is contaminated with feces!

Take a look at this article and video featured by Huffington Post earlier this year. And if you don’t think poor sanitation impacts you… Well, you better take a look at 1:15 in the video. Eww!


Huffington Post article: Find Inspiration in Toilets http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sunnie-toelle/world-toilet-organization_b_2785439.html

jacki cropped 2Until next time,


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