Fresh Faces: CITYNET Young Professionals

My name is Jeongyoon Hur, and I am a CITYNET intern. It has been about two months since I started my internship at CITYNET and it has already been such a surreal experience. I currently work with the Operations Team to update the CITYNET members contact information. With over 100 members, the idea of contacting all of them was overwhelming at first, however speaking to our member cities and organizations gave me a better understanding of our network. After talking to them, I can feel how excited everyone is for the upcoming congress and how much they are engaged with CITYNET.

CITYNET Young ProfessionalsI am also a program coordinator for the CITYNET Young Professionals, a student-led program that provides opportunities for undergraduate/graduate students to take action in addressing global issues. Program coordinators are responsible for assisting the program department to develop projects, organize events, and coordinate activities like field trips and public lectures. Throughout this program, I will be overseeing expenditures, writing reports and program evaluations, and providing on-site supervision of events and activities.

I will be working with about 30 eager young professionals including our very talented interns. The participants that I have met are all great, all of whom are from diverse backgrounds and are all very unique. Because everyone is so different and passionate, this program will provide a fantastic experience. I am looking forward to seeing a great synergy in these next few months.

Currently, with other interns, I am preparing for CITYNET Young Professional’s first event, an orientation on this Saturday, July 13. We all are working very hard for the launch of this new program. I will try to keep everyone updated, but for further updates and information about our Young Professionals program, please visit our facebook page,

Some of our awesome Young Professionals

Some of our awesome Young Professionals

Disclaimer: The posts and comments on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CITYNET or its members.

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