The New Beginning

June was the craziest month for students in South Korea as the summer breeze made its way in and the exam season came along with a grin. However, for me, June was another beginning as I would be starting a new exciting journey as an intern with CITYNET.

The first day of my internship was an unforgettable memory. It’s like a normal love-at-first-sight story that once you feel it, you will not be able to control the smile and it will shine all over your face. So what is it exactly? Well, it started out with the feeling of “back-to-the-office-mode” which led to many invisible changes in my state of mind.

DSC_0080You can imagine, for three whole years I was an ordinary college student who overdosed on books, reading rooms, research and the library. To suddenly make it out of the academic bubble and see a whole new group of people walking around in formal attire, with access cards, and high heels, I was so inspired to be prepared for my upcoming professional life.

interns croppedAt CITYNET, I was greeted by impressive staff and the directors there (in the friendliest way as usual). Nervous but excited at the same time, I made it through the day with so much inspiration hunting me to think think think! I have to confess I love the fact that many executives here are women with rich international experiences and a passionate focus on their jobs. I love how their work will make a big contribution to the development of cities in Asia-Pacific, including where I’m from (Cambodia).

I love that my first little step at CITYNET has influenced my future goals and will gravitate me from my blurry vision to something better and unbelievably attainable. Once in a while, I think one needs to step out of their comfort zone. Because for me, the first un-comfort zone I stepped in was an internship at CITYNET. Beyond all my first strange intimidating feelings, I learned to realize what is next for me, and I’m now more than ready to happily step out even further. After all, it was a great new beginning.

Molyna with staff and other interns

Molyna with staff and other interns

molyna 2by Molyna Noun, CITYNET Intern

Disclaimer: The posts and comments on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CITYNET or its members.

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