Goodbyes and Gratitude

The CITYNET Secretariat is sad to say goodbye to the first two Seoul Secretariat interns, Daniel Kim and Kunchol Kim. While we will miss them, we are happy to see that they are moving on and up after their time with CITYNET! Read below for their reflections on their time here.

“On April 15th, 2013, I came back from the United States to Korea with a Bachelor’s degree. Around that time, the CITYNET Secretariat moved from Yokohama to Seoul. I was checking the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s webpage to find some internship opportunities at international organizations, and I saw CITYNET’s open internship position. I did not know much about CITYNET, but after reading some articles and information on the webpage, I applied, and became the first intern of CITYNET.

Because CITYNET had just moved from Yokohama, there was a lot of work to do for settlement, and also for the Congress that will be held in November of this year. It was actually a good thing for me, because unlike other internships, I could really experience an international organization’s work by developing new projects and dealing with different tasks. I could try new things and in the end I learned a lot. It was definitely a great experience for me, and I recommend interning at CITYNET to students who are willing to learn and experience an international organization.”

– Kunchol Kim

“My internship experience at CITYNET was one of the best career experiences I had in my life, simply because of the people that I had chance to meet and work with. I got hands-on experience through various projects undertaken by the program team, and also had opportunities to interact and build networks with public officials. Overall, I would definitely recommend CITYNET internship to any student interested in urban planning, international studies, or public administration!”

– Daniel Kim

Daniel and Kunchol during the Friendship Festival, May 2013

Daniel and Kunchol during the Friendship Festival, May 2013


Disclaimer: The posts and comments on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CITYNET or its members.

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