CYP: Environment-Friendly Development in Jeju

A group of CITYNET interns and Young Professionals had the opportunity to participate in a workshop about environment-friendly development. This 3-day workshop was organized by CIFAL Jeju and UNITAR. The location was the beautiful Korean island Jeju. It was the second time that they organized this workshop and this time around 70 university students participated.

CYP participants on a field trip to Yongnuni-oreum

CYP participants on a field trip to Yongnuni-oreum

The first day included lectures about climate change, green industry and Jeju’s unique species. On the second day the participants chose either to go hiking or go swimming. That perfectly covered both main characteristics of Korea’s largest island. Even though there were a lot of activities during the day, each evening we had to prepare a presentation about an environment-related topic.

We met a lot of new people and visited places on Jeju, which tourists only seldom see. “Nature, Future and the Youth” was the slogan of the event and I saw that there are a lot of ambitious people concerned about the earth’s future. The last main activity was that each of us had to introduce their personal “green dream” in a 30-60 sec video clip.

All CITYNET participants with Director of CIFAL Jeju, Dal-ho Chung
Thanks to CITYNET I was able to make new experiences and instead of office I enjoyed the nature with its beautiful mountains and beaches. I hope that the spirit of our group will spread the idea of green development and that many people will pursue a green dream.

nikola2By Nikola Medimorec, CITYNET Intern
Co-Author of

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