Global Warming from a Korean Perspective

Tourists on the Han River

Tourists on the Han River

Rising global temperatures are an increasingly alarming phenomenon. You may have read articles illustrating the side effects of global warming or you may have seen images of polar bears resting on melting icebergs. You may even think of some islands and coastal areas that are in danger of going underwater. Today I will focus on one area. How does global warming affect our lives in Korea?

According to an article “Rise in Korea’s sea temperature triples global average” written by The Korean Herald on September 1st, 2013, Korea’s sea temperature has tripled when compared with the global average. I found this shocking. While I could see that Korea’s spring and fall were getting shorter each year, I did not realize this larger, systemic change was the cause.

What kinds of thing will happen in our warmer seas? Rising sea temperatures will change the type of fish we can catch surrounding Korea. You may even be able to catch tropical fish in the near future. On the other hand, rising sea temperatures will make it more difficult for Korea’s indigenous fish population to thrive. There may be massive die-offs. Either way, the fishing industry and economy will be directly affected.

Global warming is not a phenomenon affecting countries far away from Korea’s territory. It already stands before you! Korean citizens should focus on the issue of global warming and try to mitigate it through our personal actions before it gets worse.

Bus lanes in downtown Seoul cut through heavy traffic and reduce pollution

Bus lanes in downtown Seoul cut through heavy traffic and reduce pollution

What can we, as individuals in Korea, do to make conditions better or at least stabilize current circumstances? First of all, we have to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce. Cars are the main emitters of CO2 in Korea. We can use alternative or public transportation more often, and if we have to use a car, we can carpool with others. This can give us a chance to get to know our neighbors! Bikes, skateboards or roller blades are another alternative that also offers good physical activity for the day!

In Korea, we also need to recycle more products, and purchase recycled products. Korea is a heavy consumer country, so our purchasing choices are important. Koreans can buy more eco-friendly and recycled products. If you have any other suggestions for fighting global warming in Korea, leave them in the comments below!

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