The 7th ASEAN-ROK Transport Cooperation Forum


The 7th ASEAN-ROK Transport Cooperation Forum (June 1st– 3rd , 2016) was held at The Plaza Hotel, Seoul, Republic of Korea. It was hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The forum opened its door with introductory speeches of Jeong Ho Choi (Vice-Minister of MOLIT), Bonifacio, Sherielysse (Chairperson of ASEAN STOM) and Chang Woon Lee (President of KOTI).

The forum was divided up into following sessions:

  1. Convergence of Cities and Transport
  2. Convergence of Information, Energy, and Transport
  3. Convergence of New Technology and Transport
  4. ASEAN-ROK Cooperation in the Transport Sector.

The sessions touched on interesting topics regarding transport, such as the autonomous vehicles and efficient urban transportation system through utilization and dissemination of smart technologies. Overall, the bigger picture of the forum was to underscore the importance of city-to-city connectivity and mobility, sustainable development and international cooperation, which altogether addresses the common issue of over-densification of urban areas within the ASEAN member states. The forum on Day 1 was followed by company and country reports, as well as technical tour and culture experiences during the remaining two days.


Youngmin Chang, CityNet’s Director of Programs, represented CityNet during Session D by giving a presentation about “CityNet’s Current Situation and Plan of International Cooperation in ASEAN Countries”.  CityNet’s organizational focus tied in with the theme of the forum in that they both stress international cooperation through partnerships, sustainable development, and development of Asian-Pacific cities. CityNet not only actively cooperates with the local authorities such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), but also engages in exchanges between its international members through organizing platforms such as the CityNet Services.

However, CityNet goes a step further to address various factors other than transportation that shape the urban fabric: affordable housing (Affordable Housing KLRTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. March 2016.), climate change (Cities and Climate Change, Jakarta, Indonesia. May 2016.) and waterworks (Waterworks ARISU, Seoul, Republic of Korea, planned for September and November 2016.). Some of the notable achievements of CityNet include co-development of the Urban SDG Knowledge Sharing Platform with UN-ESCAP and SMG, as well as development and launching of CityApp Sidoarjo with Microsoft and Sidoarjo Regency.

Concluding with recapping of one of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 targets – By 2030, provide safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all-, Youngmin Chang reinstated the common goal of CityNet and the attendees of the 7th ASEAN-ROK Transport Cooperation Forum: to construct a better transport system for Asia-Pacific cities through convergence strategies, hence addressing the urban challenges as well as providing ‘opportunities-for-all’ to enjoy sustainable, smart, and efficient urban transportation.

By Jiyoung Jo

Jiyoung Jo is a rising Senior at New York University majoring in Metropolitan Studies and Environmental Studies. Her interest lies in the field of sustainable city planning and urban design, and she has a wide range of work experiences at both public and private sector in New York.

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