Youthnet – Makati Study Tour – Day 2

We got some snack!!

We got some snacks!!

this is the slogan that Phillippine youth members have.

This is the slogan that Philippine youth members have.

This is what we ate for lunch.

This is what we ate for lunch.

with Dianne

with Dianne

Hello, we are still fine^^

In the morning we attended a workshop about poverty issues and we had a  discussion about it.

In the afternoon we participated in a closing ceremony.

The most impressive part of the program was a speech given by a blind lady. She spoke about improving the status of disabled people and about motivating people to take on any challenges.

The main thing that we received is passion that Philippine youth members have and we were inspired so much by them.

At  night we met Diane who used to be an intern at CITYNET and helped to organise this trip. She is our age so we can connect with her well. We all and dinner together at a Japanese restaurant.  We had so much delicious food there!!

See you tomorrow, bye.

Youthnet – Makati Study Tour – Day 1


Manila Airport

Millenium Plaza hotel Makati

Millenium Plaza hotel Makati

Today we arrived in MANILA on schedule.

When we reached the Philippines, CITYNET staff called us.

And while we were riding in the car, a poor boy asked us for money.

We are soooo shocked because the incident happened unexpectedly and we are not used to this happening in Japan.

It is the rainy season in the Philippines this month, so it seems to be raining all the time. Today it is raining too, but thanks to the staff of Makati city picking us up we didn’t get wet.

When we checked in our hotel, Dianne’s mother came to meet us.

She  took us to a restaurant which serves Filipino food.

Have a dinner

Having dinner

It's soo sour.

Its sooo sour

These food tasted good, but the taste was a little oilier than we were used to.

After we returned from the restaurant, we had a meeting to discuss our mission and our goals during our tour.