Throughout the Study Visit..

Hi my name is Shoya, the president of YouthNet.

I thought I should put some details about YouthNet – who we are and what we aim for, so I’m going to write about YouthNet and what we learnt throughout the Study Visit in Makati, the Philippines.

We are an international youth organisation that focuses on development cooperation with a partnership with youth from different countries from Philippines, France and mostly from Japan. The reason why our blog is put on “CITYNET blog” is that we are supported by CITYNET.

Our mission is to contribute to world peace at youth level and progress together to be able to contribute to world peace in the future. We have five values – 1) Outreach, 2) Skills Development, 3) Sharing Experience, 4) Take Opportunities, Create Opportunities, 5) Build Network, Use Network.

YouthNet is still a new-born organization since April this year. However, we have come to operate some activities like Teambuilding, Workshop, and Study Visit is one of those too.

We participated in Study Visit to Makati, the Philippines as one of my colleagues has been writing. From my point of view, we experienced many things that were fresh and stimulating for us and learnt many things.

During the visit, we visited a lot of places and met a lot of people, and we are very impressed with youth in the Philippines because they are very active, highly-motivated and inspired. They are a part of society, which we could never imagine in Japan. They coordinate a lot of projects by themselves such as sports tournaments, fashion shows, workshops, and so on.

The biggest thing we learnt can be explained with one word, “human touch”. Every place we visit, we saw a smile on people’s face. They kindly welcomed us with a smile. We always saw a smile on their face, and importantly, we smiled together. No matter how old you are, no matter which country you are from, no matter what gender you are, we can smile anywhere in the world. That’s something we should bring back to Japan.

I would also like to mention that it was good that we had a feedback meeting everyday in limited time at night. It means a lot to us in my opinion. Having a meeting means that we were in Makati as a member of YouthNet, not individually. Throughout the meetings, we found a lot of things we could do as our activity such as workshop on culture, country and history, publishing a newsletter regularly and send it to the Network we have, and making a report book on the Study Visit.

Overall, the Study Visit made us think about a question – “What is happiness?” I hope we get the answer as we operate our projects.

Finally, we are very grateful for all the supports and kindnesses we received. Thank you very much to CITYNET for giving us a chance to go to Makati, to Makati City for accepting our request and coordinating such a grate programme, and to Barangays we visited for welcoming us very kindly.

We will share the experience we had in Makati with other members who could not go and carry on our activities with it. We hope to go back to Makati soon. Thank you very much.


P.S. We will be updating next activities soon.

6th day



Hello, we are very sad that we have to go back to Japan tomorrow.

Today we went to a office of education and science high school and Makati University.

In  the office we heard about educational system of Makati.

This was very valuable lecture for  us and we thought that education of Phillippine was expected in the word.

We will put more feedback after we go back to Japan.

at the education office

at the education office

at science univrsity

at science univrsity

This is a class of robotics

This is a class of robotics

YouthNet – Makati Study Visit Day 5

Hello, it is a pity for us that tomorrow is the last day of our study visit.

Today, we visited Makati City Hall and we had presentations on infrastructure and environment department. After those two presentations, we gave our presentation and talked about “life in Japan” and “YouthNet”. Each of the members had two or three slides to speak. It was very good experience for us to give a presentation in foreign country and also in front of people from Makati City Hall. Also, it was good for us to find that we need to study and practise presentations more.

Relating to it, we decided at the meeting at night to have a workshop regularly which we study/practise  presentation, study about countries or other international/domestic issues.

Tomorrow’s goal is to enjoy our last programme, give a better presentation at school with correction from today’s one and be thankful to everything.

See you tomorrow.

Youthnet – Makati Study Tour – Day 4

Hello, half of our study visit have already finished. we are suprised at it.

Today we cooked noodles with the people who try to earn their livelihood by selling them.

And we went to meet streetchildren.

As taking our activity, the warmth of their welcome made us happy.

Though we thought that the poor are unfortunate before today, we saw they actually live happily, so we confused the way of relating them.

The most important thing that we have thought is to communicate each other and we have to maintain it.

Our tommorow’s goal is to arouse audience’s interest.

She is cooking noodles.

She is cooking noodles.

with streetchildren

with streetchildren

sushi and sashimi

sushi and sashimi

with our driver

with our driver

Youthnet – Makati Study Tour – Day 3

We visited 1st youth organization.

We visited 1st youth organization.

This is 2nd youth organization members.

This is 2nd youth organization members.

We got original T-shirts.

We got original T-shirts.

They played  instrument to show welcome to our  visit.

They played instrument to show welcome to our visit.

Hello, we enjoy our study tour so mu/ch!!

Today we visited three youth organizations.

Wherever we called on, we received great welcome.

So we confused a little,but we are so thankful to them.

The most impressive thing that we received in today’s program is the power of organization among youth members in Phillipine.

We realized that our study visit is supported by many people, so we have to work harder about building our organization.

Our tommorow’s goal is to try to see things from  the same viewpoint as streetchildren.

Youthnet – Makati Study Tour – Day 2

We got some snack!!

We got some snacks!!

this is the slogan that Phillippine youth members have.

This is the slogan that Philippine youth members have.

This is what we ate for lunch.

This is what we ate for lunch.

with Dianne

with Dianne

Hello, we are still fine^^

In the morning we attended a workshop about poverty issues and we had a  discussion about it.

In the afternoon we participated in a closing ceremony.

The most impressive part of the program was a speech given by a blind lady. She spoke about improving the status of disabled people and about motivating people to take on any challenges.

The main thing that we received is passion that Philippine youth members have and we were inspired so much by them.

At  night we met Diane who used to be an intern at CITYNET and helped to organise this trip. She is our age so we can connect with her well. We all and dinner together at a Japanese restaurant.  We had so much delicious food there!!

See you tomorrow, bye.

Youthnet – Makati Study Tour – Day 1


Manila Airport

Millenium Plaza hotel Makati

Millenium Plaza hotel Makati

Today we arrived in MANILA on schedule.

When we reached the Philippines, CITYNET staff called us.

And while we were riding in the car, a poor boy asked us for money.

We are soooo shocked because the incident happened unexpectedly and we are not used to this happening in Japan.

It is the rainy season in the Philippines this month, so it seems to be raining all the time. Today it is raining too, but thanks to the staff of Makati city picking us up we didn’t get wet.

When we checked in our hotel, Dianne’s mother came to meet us.

She  took us to a restaurant which serves Filipino food.

Have a dinner

Having dinner

It's soo sour.

Its sooo sour

These food tasted good, but the taste was a little oilier than we were used to.

After we returned from the restaurant, we had a meeting to discuss our mission and our goals during our tour.