Sustainable Transportation: A Basic Human Right

Hello lovely readers of the CITYNET blog,

My name is Nikola Medimorec and for the past month I have been working as an intern at CITYNET. My main task is to assist in preparing a sustainable urban transport workshop. Therefore, I would like to show you what sustainable transport means to me.

IMG_9648Every day I commute over 40 km in one direction. It sounds like a lot but it doesn’t take more than 1 hour by bus. On the expressway my bus uses the bus-only lane to pass traffic jams. I arrive at my destination faster with public transport than I would by car. Another advantage is that I use my commute very efficiently: I study for university, answer emails, read news or take a nap. All these things are impossible to do while driving.

Of course, a crucial aspect of sustainable transport is the environment. It’s important that we don’t only think about how to get from A to B but also about how we do it on the most environment-friendly way. Walking and cycling are the best solutions for short distances and then we have public transport for medium distances. Longer distances can be overcome by train or express-bus. Korea has excellent public transport and it works hard in improving the urban environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

20120818_181544In my opinion, transport is a basic need of humans. Public transport plays an important role in enabling all people to travel to different places. We have to travel to work to earn money, to school to get education, to hospital to get treatment and to places to meet friends. People, who can’t afford a car (or don’t want to buy one), get the chance do all these basic things. Thus, sustainable transport also sustains equality in society.

20120817_153451In short, sustainable transport is about efficiency, environment and basic human need. Even though it seems so simple, there are still many cities in the world, which are building inner-city highways, expanding streets and prefer cars over public transport. I hope that the seminar on sustainable urban transport in September, organized by CITYNET and The Korea Transport Institute, is going show an alternative way of urban planning to the participants. Until then, I’ll continue to commute every day and enjoy my time in the bus.

nikola2by Nikola Medimorec, CITYNET Intern
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